Multi-Coloured Border Badges Design-Your-Own Neckers Metallic Thread Badges Embroidered Badges Woggles Woven Badges

MBC Neckers & Badges is a specialist supplier of Scout and Guide products such as event neckers, plain neckers (which you can design yourself online!) and stock neckers, along with embroidered badges, woven badges and enamel badges.

However, we don't just stop at neckers and badges! Amongst our extremely wide range of other items include woggles, lanyards, wristbands, caps, bags, scarves, metal signs, trolley tokens and many more!


Please note orders placed over the next few weeks will see delays to standard delivery schedules due to Chinese New Year. This is due to factory closures in the Far East.

We will confirm an expected delivery date as soon as we can following placement of orders.